Meeting all your sawing and drilling needs in all types and phases of construction

Concrete Coring Company
            of Denver, CO provides the following services:

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  • Coring
    Cores from .5" to 63", Sectional removal, Test beams for flexural strength
  • Wall Sawing
    Dust free, no vibration cuts into concrete, stone, brick or block, Cuts for headers
  • Hand Sawing
    No vibration, No dust, Exact opening placement, 8" deep from one side, Penetrations through: Concrete, Brick, Block, Stone, Cuts for headers
  • Slab Sawing
    Trenching for plumbing, electrical & HVAC, Sump pumps, Floor removal, Expansion Joints
  • Joint Saw & Seal
    Interstate Highways, Airport Runways, Parking Lots, Commercial and Residential, Driveways, Car and Truck Wash Bays, City Streets and Alleys
  • Grooving
    Airport Runway for Traction and Drainage, Interstate Highways to restore tining, Highway On and Off Ramps for Traction, Warehouse Floors to Restore Traction, Dairy Barns for Traction, Highway Bridges
  • Grinding
    Highways to meet State standards, Airport runways to meet FAA standards, Parking lots to meet owner specifications, Race track leveling
  • New Construction & Remodeling Support
    All the above items can be performed on new construction or remodeling projects

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